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A Twin Cities man is providing a welcome distraction with his hilarious TikTok videos. With over 30 million video views per week, Ben , known to his followers as @Bentellect strives to fill that "gap" in everyones day. You may have seen this Creator on your TikTok or Instagram feed stating his popular catch phrases, “Facts,” or “Double Facts,” while reading silly, ridiculous and funny Tweets on camera. Jumping to popularity in 2020, Ben has managed to steadily build his TikTok fan base to include over 4.5 Million followers.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to be able to do.” Ben said in a recent interview with “My whole life, I’ve loved making people laugh, and now I’ve been blessed to turn it into my job.” As one of the top selling insurance agents in the midwest for GEICO, Ben relinquished that title in December, 2020 to focus on his social media career full time. “It was getting to the point that I was working over 80 hours a week, wasn’t sleeping and I couldn’t focus, so I knew I had to make a choice.”
Thanks to TikTok’s Creator Fund, Ben started getting paid for his content in Fall 2020. “I really didn’t want to quit my Insurance job until I knew I could be financially secure,” said Ben. So before he did that, he also obtained endorsements with Manscape, Campus Vote Project, and Electric Styles, to name a few. Ben's passion for fashion has also inspired a number of successful merchandising lines. From sweatpants, face masks and crewneck sweatshirts, to embroidered beanies and blankets, Ben’s fans continue to ask for different designs and products.

Tarrolly says his ultimate goal is to keep people laughing, so he continues to develop and create new types of videos and skits. His most popular videos show him reading entertaining Tweets, laughing and commenting on them. While over 1 million people watch each of these videos, he also gets hundreds of thousands of views on original skits such as “Things Gemini’s Do,” and cooking demonstrations. Find all of his hilarious videos on all social media platforms!


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